Meet Your New Favorite Barber Shop

“There is one major thing that separates a tradesperson from a professional barber,” John says. “If you’re just going to a job every day, it’s a trade. But if you practice it as an art form and you look at it like you want to give the very finest service you can, well then that’s what separates what I do from the average barber shop.”


This exclusive formula comes from our training with Truefitt & Hill, Master Shavers of the British Royal family for more than 200 years. Our Signature Shave includes 9 towels, shave creams laden with glycerin for the smoothest of shaves, pre-shave oils that soften the beard, moisturizers, essential oils, and other intoxicating secrets.


Essential oils and all natural ingredients combine with the sounds of soothing music to set the stage. Our cleanser and exfoliant will take out what the world puts in. The aromas of Witch Hazel, Coltsfoot, Sage, and Birch, will accompany your massage while our 200 Million year old Australian Active Mineral Mud with high Zeolite activity eliminate toxins and excess fluids.


The ultimate, this shave package combines the luxury of our Signature Shave with the rejuvenating qualities of our Anti-Aging Facial. Our most popular service for gift certificates. This unique combination will leave your face feeling younger than your memory permits. You’ll feel like you just had 8 hours of fresh sleep. 


Bald is beautiful! Great for a stylish night at the opera or impressing your opponent on the basketball court. Our 4 towel, hot lather head shave will let you stand out in the crowd.


Need a new look, fresh style, or simply a cleanup? No assembly line here! We take the time to listen to your goals. Each haircut design is tailored and individualized for you and your personality. We take great pride in making you look your best.


Gift certificates are available for purchase in the Studio in any denomination or for a specific service. Call or email and we can prepare the certificate for pick up at your convenience.  Though we don't cut women's hair, some of our best customers are women. It's an exceptional gift for the special man in their lives.